Thursday, April 03, 2008

Okay Sean, here you go...

this blog entry is dedicated to Sean, who so kindly called me out in public in regard to my lackadaisical approach to blogging. Thanks mister. ;)

So...where do I begin? I'm sick and it sucks. The cold started just in time for San Dimas Stage Race and settled in nicely, making itself at home and in turn, making me sound like I was dying on the way up Glendora Mountain Road during the time trial last Friday. Saturday was worse and two laps into the road race I called it quits. I would have been more upset and bummed about it if I just couldn't hang because I wasn't fast or strong enough, but it was crappy timing and breathing is essential for racing. It was out of my hands so I decided to not sulk about it. I will admit that there were a couple of tears as I got to the car, but it was quickly followed by falling asleep curled up under a Teletubbies blanket until George called to tell me his race was starting and that it would be nice for me to be at the start.

Let's see...I'm still sick. Blah. I wanted to race the UCI Anthill crit this weekend because it's so close to home, but I still feel like poop. I may see how my ride goes on Saturday and just pay the late fee to register on site on Sunday. We'll see.

My crit bike is being built right now, but I'm being picky and refusing to ride it until I get the handlebars that I like. Hopefully in the next week or so. It was funny, I fell in love with the color scheme of the white Cannondale CAAD9 and told George "I always wanted a white bike!" In looking back in my old blog entries, I stumbled across a picture of my first road bike...which guessed it. White. A white Trek 1000. I'm such a dumb ass sometimes! So I guess what I really meant was that I want a white bike that isn't an entry level aluminum...oh wait, that doesn't fit either since the CAAD9 is exactly that. Oh well...I tried to redeem myself for the dumb moment but it's not working. The new bike "Cady" has fatter tubes and I can't wait to ride her. ;) I'll leave you with that. :)

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Anonymous said...

woooohoooo, nice to see ya back at it. Is the new bike done yet? Hope you are feeling better by now.