Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm sitting at my desk thinking about how awesome it would be if I had some sushi right now. I went out to lunch yesterday with my co-worker Chris and our former co-worker Becky. We ate at Sushi Imari and I just can't get enough of that place. Becky and I discovered it a few months back and I was thrilled to walk in the door yesterday, greeted by shouts of "Happy Thursday!" As Chris and I were sitting there with our ginormous mugs of water, we noticed that as other people walked in, they were greeted by name. We're determined to visit often enough to not only be greeted by name, but get our polaroid picture on the wall.

Anyway, back to what I'm wishing for...sushi. Now. I have dinner plans with two friends and I'm not thrilled about the location, so I just text messaged them to see if I could sway them into sushi instead. Keep your fingers crossed.


CraftyMama said...

How could you think that one said friend and another anonymous friend would NOT go for sushi psh tah have we been astranged "that" long ;)


Oh and good luck w/the polaroid action...that stuff is being discontinued. :P

Anonymous said...

ok... linked here from BF and read your "Sushi" post a weeks back... tried out Sushi Imari and it ROCKS. I've been in OC about 3 years now and haven't found "great sushi" until this.

Been there three times in the last two weeks (twice for lunch and once for dinner).

Took the family there for dinner tonight and they broke out the polaroid so we are up on the wall :)

Thanks for the tip!!!