Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today my panties were inside out...

which is better than them being in a wad, I suppose. I figured it out when I got to work, but decided to embrace it rather than strip down out of my dress pants and flip the suckers around. Funny how I don't typically give much thought to my undergarments, but that today, all I could think of was how they were on the wrong way. I came thisclose to divulging the little secret to my co-worker Chris, but when I got to his cube he was on the phone and then I was distracted by his candy dish, so the secret remained safe. I should have told him, he would have appreciated it.

I've been struggling with which direction I should go with my cycling this year and I keep coming back to not feeling ready for, and truthfully, not having the desire to suffer through Mulholland and Heartbreak Double Centuries. I was hesitant to back out of them because I set these goals and really wanted to stick to it. I had no idea that I would jump into racing, that I would be so excited about it, and that the different training required for racing would throw a wrench in my well laid plans to climb, climb, climb this month. I needed to take a step back and look at it as revising my goals instead of looking at it as quitting. I emailed Planet Ultra this morning to see if I could switch my registration to the century versions that I did last year and I I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted. The Triple Crown will be there next year and many other years if I choose to chase after it again.

Since my first criterium earlier this month, I've been out at Eldo every week. El Dorado Twilight Series is a Tuesday night race that runs from March through August. When I started talking to people about racing, hands down this was the recommendation for gaining pack riding skills. I'm racing with the 40+ men and honestly didn't expect to be able to hang for the whole hour the first week out there. I surprised myself and finished strong with the pack. The following week had a bigger field with some faster laps and there were times I thought I was going to pop. We either slowed, or I recovered...perhaps both...but I managed to stay in again! Last night there was a crash in our field and caught behind it, I sat out a lap on the suggestion of a Major Motion racer, since the field took off. I felt good out there though and am learning a lot about pack riding.

This week I have a 60 miler planned on Friday since I get off work at noon, then I'll climb out at GMR on Saturday. The following weekend is San Dimas Stage Race!


CraftyMama said...

Clever title ;) Much better they are inside out than in a See you sooooon!!

Silvs said...

hahahaha. I so did appreciate that. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Get to blogging woman, you slacking an this is old news. lol

Anonymous said...

Big Sean cant remember his password-lol

Anonymous said...

Great looking blog and a very catchy title on this topic. Obviously they weren't a thong or you would have noticed way sooner. I would think. I have to admit, though, that I've done the same thing. I wear boxers so it's not that big a deal until I need to go to the bathroom. That was probably TMI. Sorry.

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