Monday, January 21, 2008

It Never Rains in Southern California...

Yeah, well Albert Hammond, Barry Manilow and Tony! Toni! Tone! lie. Lies. All lies.

When I checked last week I saw that rain would be hitting us on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I wouldn't ride because it's Martin Luther King Day and the kids are off of school. Tuesday there would be rain, but that's fine, I would ride in it anyway. No big deal.

This morning I see that the forecast has shifted and we'll have rain tonight and tomorrow, clouds on Wednesday and then rain Thursday through Sunday. SUNDAY! I really don't mind riding in the rain, in fact, I enjoy it. The thing that this messes up is my commuting because showing up looking like a drowned rat just doesn't fit in well with our company look. I suppose I could drive in and then ride at night those two nights. I guess I'll just wait and see how many times the forecast changes in the next few days.


Deeds said...

B, while I enjoy living through your bike rides, cuz' lord knows my a$$ should be on one, I wanna hear about the KIDS!! Give me a post on the KIDDOS!

Hugs! D

CraftyMama said...

:) I agree with deeds AND!!! RIde in the rain you wussy ;)

Don't you need a bit of motivation? It is dry up here and a high of 32 today!! I'm planning a short ride for Friday finally!!!! Wish me dry luck...and get out there in your woolies ;)

Cycle Mama said...

Deeds...Email if you want the scoop on the little people! I'm trying to keep my family shizz off the internets. ;) You'll have to be happy with my boring bike blabbing. :P

Ticia...I did ride today! The skies cleared right before I went out for some hill repeats. I will ride the rest of the week, just make a decision on commuting in each morning. A week of rain is too much training to bag!

CraftyMama said...

Good Job!!