Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tiff's maiden voyage

So my good friend Tiff IM's me first thing this morning and tells me that she'll be kid-free for a couple of hours and that she is going to take her new road bike out for a spin in the park. Not wanting to miss her first ride, I immediately called Grandma and begged her to watch the boys for a couple of hours so I could join her. As I pulled up to her house she was standing outside eating breakfast and she actually jumped up and down with excitement, it was so adorable. Ready to go, we headed for the park by her house and she soon realized that she was not going to be satisfied riding in circles for an hour. We left the park and headed down to the beach where we rode down to the end of Bolsa Chica. Periodically during the ride she would get an ear to ear grin on her face and shout out "this is so much fun!" It's exciting to see my good friend with the same enthusiasm that I have for cycling. Today our total mileage was 17.3 miles and that was only because I was pressed for time and needed to get back to pick up the boys and fetch Avery from school. I know that she could have kept going and going. We're going to have many, many wonderful rides ahead of us. Now I just have to convince her that she should take the plunge and sign up for the Cool Breeze Century. I know that she's stronger and more ready than she thinks she is.

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Anonymous said...

Giiiiirrrrrl, gimme time to think about that century! Not only that, I think I may have a hard time convincing the husband. :)