Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fixed Gear Goodness and Base Building...

I'm finally getting comfortable riding fixed gear. George made some adjustments on his Pinarello Pista and I've been riding her lately. The plan is to train on her most of the winter, breaking out the multispeed bike only for climbing rides.

Speaking of fall/winter, George also suggested that I start base building. What does that mean? Well, today it meant that I had to divert my normal route on Pacific Coast Highway inland to resist the temptation to chase the rabbits, err...I mean, other cyclists, out there. This is going to be really, really difficult for me but it's a chance to prove my dedication to improving, or at least that's the line that George fed me this morning when I called mid-ride to confirm I was following his plan correctly...minus one minor and totally illegal u-turn on PCH to chase a group down and couple of repeats up a hill to see how the gearing on the fixie felt. Oops.

I shouldn't complain, it really wasn't that bad. It might help if I just visualize the fat melting off of my thighs from all of the long, steady, low intensity effort. Yeah, that's it.


Unknown said...

Hey Birthday Buddy,

Good to see you blogging again. Are you going to be in Solvang this weekend. I will be providing SAG support.

Cycle Mama said...

Hey Lee, thanks...it's nice to be back! No Solvang this weekend, I wish I could be there but I'm done with events for this season and just doing mind numbing base miles for now. We'll have to compare calendars for next year to see which events we'll be doing together. I plan to take on the KOM doubles this time, we'll see how that goes!

Esperanza said...

Hi Brandy,

I read about your blog at teamestrogen. I am a "cycle mama" as well. Wanted to reply to the post you opened on tandems but I can't and that's why I came hear.

This is my blog www.pedaleax2.blogspot.com

It is in spanish but I am working on inserting a translator. Hope to have it soon.

Meanwhile, you can see pics of what we do with the tandem both con road and track.