Thursday, September 28, 2006

Merry Christmas...

to my oldest son, Gavin. I know that I'm a few months early, but I kicked off my holiday shopping in a big way this week. I was talking to a dad on Bike Forums who rides with his young son and found out that he had received a killer deal on a Trek 1000 KDR at a local bike shop. I called around and was able find that a shop nearby had last year's model and it was just my luck that it was on closeout! After baiting Gavin with pictures and some creative questions, I determined that yes, he did indeed still want a road bike.


The new bike is going to live at the local bike shop until the holidays, when it will come home and find it's place in our house under the care of my eight year old. It makes me so happy that he's taking interest in something that I love and I can't wait to begin riding with him.

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:) said...

So, so cool of you! I am probably going to pull the trigger on something like this next year!!!