Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The boy looks like his mama...

Today someone requested a mama picture thread at a forum that I frequent, so I posted the most recent picture of myself. It happened to be a sweaty self-portrait shot in my bathroom after a particularly grueling Spinning class. My signature at this site has a picture of Gavin taken a few weeks ago at Wild Rivers and when looking at our pictures side by side, or rather...on top of one another, it becomes apparent. The boy looks like his mama. He even does the funky *not sure where to put my tongue when I'm smiling for a picture, so I'll press it against my teeth* thing like his mama does. That's my boy.



Anonymous said...

lucky for him! 8-)

Your kidlettes are adorable... looking forward to meeting them!


Anonymous said...

So old he is.....sigh! You look fabulous.