Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh...I know Mom!!!

So we're at the grand opening celebration for the new local bike shop in town, Surf City Cyclery and while we were waiting for the raffle to begin, we started browsing their selection of bikes. The tiny bikes caught Marcel's eye, but in an effort to keep him from hopping on and plowing into the titanium Litespeed bike, I encouraged the kids to keep walking and looking at all of the pretty new bikes.

That's when it happened. Two junior sized road bikes caught the eye of my eight year old, Gavin. Now the boy has been asking for a road bike since the day that I brought mine home and up until today, has been satisfied with my reply that they just didn't come in his size and that he would have to wait until he was oh...ten...yeah ten...that's how old he'll be when he'll fit onto a road bike. We round the corner and his eyes fix immediately on two bikes sandwiched between cruisers and mountain bikes.



There was no denying it at that point. He's tall enough for a junior road bike and he knew it. His eyes lit up as we checked out the Bianchi and the Specialized Allez Junior and he turned to me and said, "if I had one of these road bikes, I could ride with you mom." My heart melted and then I turned over the price tag...yikes. $570 for the Specialized Allez Junior and that was on sale. Luckily, Gavin had the perfect solution.

"Oh...I know Mom!!!! I can ask Santa for this bike for Christmas and then no one will have to pay for it!" Ahhh...if he only knew. Looks like it's time to start saving for Christmas presents from Santa.


Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks said...

Those are wee bikes for kids?

They are DARLING!

I think Santa should bring Marcel both of them. I mean, how do you choose?!?

Arron said...

That is awesome. You know there are worse things a kid could want. Later.

Anonymous said...

i think santa should bring the red one! (i don't like bianchi pea green soup color! lol!) he'll look SO cute on that redhot bike!!!!!!

Deeds said...

Get the red one! Wait until he is old enough to know what a big fat liar you are. lol! Oh, wait, that will happen to me too! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mom rides a triple, son rides a double. Major OCP points to son.

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased my son the Trek kids road bike. I am not sure how old your son is, my son is 9. He really LOVES road riding. It's great to start them at a young age. He now does 20 mile rides almost every weekend. We start at Costco in Fountain Valley and go straight to river bed to HB Pier. I you decide get him a bike go with the trek it has better components. I got my son's at JAX (last years model) for $335.00.